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our philosophy at love dog training

KATIE'S PHILOSOPHY - build relationships, not just behaviours

Katie believes that everyone deserves the chance to have stress free and easy lives with their dog and other family pets. Life can be so busy, often training your dog is the last thing you want to do when you get home. That is why Katie does what she does - she has a passion for animal behaviour and loves teaching owners how to raise a well behaved dog they can be proud of. Established in 2005, that's oodles of experience, knowledge, qualifications and skills, yet still more to learn! As a certified behaviour consultant, Katie fully understands the needs of your dog and their welfare., as well as YOUR needs as an owner and guardian.

Her aim is to give you the tools to set yourself and your dog up to succeed. Each person and situation is approached as individual, some dogs will need more work with obedience, life skills and impulse control, while others will need more focus on their emotional, behavioural state...Katie firmly believes that communication between the species is not only possible but an essential part of pet ownership, her job is to connect the dots between man and man's best friends!

Katie's DOGS

Katie has shared her life with many amazing rescue dogs, including her 3 deeply missed red Bull Terriers and now lives with her 13 year old Miniature Bull Terrier, Koda who has been with Katie since he was 10 weeks old. Koda is now retired from helping dogs overcome social issues; he was Katie's stooge dog for many years. He's going blind, deaf and has arthritis but so will Katie at his age! His favourite thing is his flirt pole, a toy that he can chase and catch, and his puppy gym for keeping up his core strength and muscle tone. And belching.

Lego the semi long haired cat also resides at the Scott-Dyer home; he is 14 years old, ex-Bristol Dogs and Cats Home resident and has recently started some clicker training with Katie and likes to go on walks with Kirsty and Ren.

And finally, Ren, the infamous rescue Staffy X Collie who was adopted by Kirsty (Katie's vet nurse daughter) from Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary a year ago...she is a tour de force and was named after the Star Wars character, Kylo Ren. If you ever meet Ren, you'll get an enthusiastic greeting! She has probably taught Katie more in the year since living at the family home than all the other dogs Katie has lived and worked with, like ever!


dog Behaviour conSULtaTIONS


There are so many factors which contribute to behaviour, not just nurture! They are made of flesh and bone, same as us and such can be affected by disease, stress, bad diet, inappropriate handling and training, mutant genes and ageing, which affects how they behave and relate to the world around them along with past experiences or trauma.

If you are living with a pet with behaviour problems, we need to establish WHY they are doing what they are doing. This means getting a vet referral or medical rule out first. Then we need to fix it where possible to do so. Your dog may be guarding his bed, barking all day, or suffering with separation anxiety, being aggressive to dogs or people, your cat may be having litter box problems, scratching your furniture or your horse may be difficult to load into his trailer. Choose a consultation package and book now to begin your behaviour journey with us.

Once you've had your consultation, a behaviour modification plan, vet report and any supporting material are emailed to you, along with guidance on implementing the advice within.

As a Certified Behaviour Consultant, Katie offers tiered support packages ranging from the basic Bronze level through to Silver and Gold Packages. These are designed to give you as much on-going support as you need, as some behaviours can be very complex.  Payment plans can be offered should a customer need help with fees, travel costs and expenses may be applicable at 45p per mile which are invoiced separately. 

Katie practices the LIMA model of animal behaviour consulting; Least Invasive Minimally Aversive. She is qualified to undergraduate degree level, has been studying companion pet behaviour and dog training for 12 years and is vet recommended. She is a fully certified member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC), a registered practitioner with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC), a full member of TAGteach International and a Level 1 TAGteach coach, a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, UK (APDT,UK) member #01218 and a proud affiliate member of the International School of Canine Psychology (ISCP), plus a qualified Scentwork UK trainer. Katie continues to learn from a wide range of canine and animal related behaviour and training professionals and topics, to offer her customers the best consultations and results possible.


Vet referral forms can be downloaded here, many vets will email your pets medical history to Katie on request. 

in home behaviour consultation


The top level package, perfect for complex cases requiring more in depth analysis and owner support. Katie, your consultant will perform a consultation in your home, where she will discuss the issue with you and listen to your concerns, assess the behaviour then build an in depth plan to fix the problem and tell you what to expect with implementation. Consults tend to be 90 -120 minutes in duration. 

Intensive email support is provided in the package.

In addition to the initial consult, you also receive 2 support visits completely free as part of the package. Travel costs may still apply.


Investment – £295

cat behaviour consultation



The mid range package, is ideal for less complex cases or those on a budget. Katie, your consultant will perform a consultation in your home, where she will discuss the issue with you and listen to your concerns, assess the behaviour then build a treatment plan to fix the problem and tell you what to expect with implementation. Consults tend to be 90 - 120 minutes in duration. Yes we work with cats too!

Email support will be provided free for 8 weeks post consultation.

In addition to the initial consult, you also receive 1 support visit completely free as part of the package. Travel costs may still apply.


Investment – £185

skype or phone behaviour consultations



The budget package - also ideal for basic advice and triage for your behaviour problems, and if you live nationally or internationally. Katie, your consultant will perform a consultation in home, via Skype, Messenger or telephone (depending on your location), where she will discuss the issue with you and listen to your concerns, assess the behaviour then advise the best way forward. A behaviour report is included. Consults tend to be approximately 90 minutes in duration. Travel costs may apply.


Investment – £75


DOG TRAINING in yate, bristol and beyond


If you can't attend classes or want something a bit more specifically tailored to your needs, let Katie help you achieve what you want with your dog or any other pet. This is NOT suitable for behaviour problems, ones that are emotionally based, such as aggression or separation complexes, you'll need to book a behaviour consult for those. It is ideal though, for coaching cooperative grooming and husbandry to make your vet and grooming trips easier, safer and ultimately, cheaper! Or to teach your puppy, dog or pet a specific task or tricks or some basic obedience such as sit, stay, recall, how to stop counter surfing, how to stop jumping up or pulling. Katie can even teach you her puppy course curriculums privately if you can't attend classes.

The fee is £35 per hour, includes the training and any supporting material, mileage outside 6 miles of Yate is charged at 45p per mile plus any expenses if applicable. 



Bertie Bots every flavour ear, yummy!

Bertie Bots every flavour ear, yummy!

GETTING A PUPPY (OR KITTEN, or person...)?

Get off to the best start before you buy, adopt, move in with or give birth

You have come to the right place! Getting a puppy or new addition to the family can be a life changing decision, it's a 10-15 year committment for dogs and some pets (even people) can live much longer. Getting the right advice before choosing your pet can benefit your family long term, it's very responsibile and for a small investment, it's worthwhile doing your research like this; think MEG, Mum Genetics Environment. More on MEG here. Have you heard about Puppy Culture? Is your breeder a Puppy Culture breeder? The first 12 weeks of a puppy's life are so important, please check out Puppy Culture here to find out the amazing work they are doing to raise awareness and confident, healthy puppies around the world!

We can help you choose your breeder, advise on which questions to ask and what to avoid, the biggest one being not seeing the mum with the pups. We can help you choose which pet is a potential match to your home and lifestyle, what you need to purchase beforehand and can even help you adjust your home environment to ensure it all goes as smoothly as possible. Please don't buy the pup to 'get him out of there', or because the seller gives you excuses or they are KC registered...a reputable breeder will want to question you thoroughly before selling you a puppy and some may turn you down if they feel you don't meet their expectations...this isn't to annoy you, they care about their dogs.

We also help advise on settling pup in with those all important first few days, house training, sleeping, crate training, chewing, integration with other household people and animals and other life skills. This consult is also suitable for people who are about to move in together and need to get on with the other's pets or intergrate both households, or expecting or planning a baby and how to help their dog (or cat adjust) to the baby when they arrive or planning on adopting a rescue dog or any other pet. We can help with all that!

Having been raised with pets, adopted our rescue pets, raised our own puppies and kittens along with raising children and working and running a business and within a veterinary surgery; we can fully empathise and relate to your decision making process!

Already got the bundle of floof or just gave birth? The clock is ticking, let's get that help to you, book Katie for the initial consult fee of just £75 plus mileage of 45p per mileage if you're 6 miles outside of Yate. Consults tend last 90 - 120 minutes and can be booked as Skype or Messenger consultations (click here for Skype/Messenger consults). Once you've booked your new puppy, pet or person consultation, Katie will contact you with dates to choose from. Please note Katie's hours for most private services are 10am - 4pm Monday - Friday depending upon location. Terms here.


new pet consultation

New pet consultations

Perfect for new pet owners

Just got a new puppy? Kitten? Rescue dog or cat? Need help settling them in or want to get off to a good start?  Or do you have a partner moving in or just had a baby? Then you are in the right place. Book a specially created consultation and look forward to a lifetime of adventures together. Consults tend to last up to 90 minutes and the fee is just £75. This does not include travel and expenses where applicable; mileage 6 miles from Yate is charged at 45p per mile and is invoiced separately. 

Most people choose this in addition to their puppy training classes or when they are experiencing toilet or litterbox training issues, bite inhibition and other problems associated with puppies and and kittens.